Training and Consultation

Inner Change leading to Collective Change

Indigo’s approach to facilitating training, consultation, and conversations around equity is relationship-based, and centers on mindfulness, transformational learning, systems thinking and setting our intentions on creating authentic harmony. Further, most of our training and consultation is firmly grounded and contextualized by key principles in early childhood development, early childhood mental health, and early childhood education (e.g., attachment theory; identity development; anti-bias education; parallel process; transactional theory; critical race theory).

Before each training and consultation event, we work closely with our partners to co-create objectives for learning and anticipated follow-up activities. Our ultimate goal is to engage in partnerships where we can help build our partners’ capacities to continue and lead their own equity work internally.

Please contact us for more information regarding our racial equity training and consultation. We will be happy to schedule an initial phone call or an in-person meeting to discuss the tailoring of services that work well for your organization’s needs.

We treat each training and consultation with an individualized approach in order to meet our community, state and national clients “where they are” in their own journey of reflective self-discovery and racial equity work. Dr. Eva Marie Shivers has been facilitating racial equity training and consultation for more than a decade, and uses collaborative and gentle (but direct) guidance in her approach. Dr. Shivers consults with top leaders in the field of racial equity work in early childhood systems in Arizona and nationally.

Our Racial Equity Training and Consultation clients have included:

  • School districts
  • State departments
  • Federal Agencies
  • National Organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Early education programs

Indigo Early Childhood Equity Programs:

We are currently in the midst of fundraising campaigns to support the development and expansion of the following programs:

  1. Leadership Equity Capacity Development
  2. Indigo Early Childhood Equity Training Academy
  3. Social Justice Battle-Fatigue Retreats
  4. Parent Early Childhood Racial Socialization Meet-Ups
  5. Early Childhood Anti-Bias Learning Lab

Please contact us if you or your agency would like to participate in or learn more about any of these programs.