Institute for Child Development Research & Social Change

A Community-Based Participatory Action Research Firm

The Institute for Child Development Research and Social Change at Indigo Cultural Center is a community-based research firm that specializes in action research and evaluation. The Institute is directed by Dr. Eva Marie Shivers. Our mission is to conduct rigorous policy-relevant research on early education and child development by partnering with community agencies and public administrators who are dedicated to improving the lives of children, especially those from low-income and marginalized communities.

Since 2007, we have honed a unique evaluation and research experience for government agencies, community-based organizations and other non-profit agencies seeking a range of professional services such as: basic child development and early education research, focus group facilitation, program evaluation, policy consultation, and training.

The Institute’s Activities

  • Conduct rigorous, action-based research on early childhood development in partnership with community partners who serve low-income communities.
  • Conduct evaluation and assessments of early childhood community-based programs.
  • Create research partnerships with colleges and universities.
  • Provide policy consultation on progressive national, state and local policies that address issues associated with racial disparities.
  • Disseminate research to varied audiences: researchers, policy makers, early childhood practitioners and parents.
  • Offer training in early childhood development for early childhood educators and community-based programs.

The Institute’s Research Topics

  • Social and emotional development of young children in child care
  • Attachment relationships in child care
  • Family, Friend and Neighbor child care issues
  • Culture, race and equity in child care
  • Child care quality and culture
  • Child care providers’ work and engagement with families
  • Workforce development in early care and education
  • Professional development initiatives in early care and education