A Message From Our Executive Director

March 18, 2022

Dear friends and partners of Indigo Cultural Center,

As I reflect on the past ten years of shaping and growing Indigo Cultural Center, I am in awe of the partners and collaborations we’ve embraced along the way. I don’t often talk about our logo and its origins, but the original vision for the type of organization we wanted to become is as relevant today as it was 10 years ago.

Indigo’s values, and even logo, are continuously inspired by an Adinkra symbol that means Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo.” This symbol has deep-seeded roots in Ghana and is traditionally seen in artwork; its meaning translates to “help me and let me help you.” As a symbol of cooperation and interdependence it is a visually appropriate representation of our organization and of our work.

Over the past ten years, our Indigo collaboration portfolio has expanded throughout country to over 35 partners across 8 different states – including over 10 national partners. In addition, even though many of you know me as the ‘face’ of Indigo, we have had the good fortune to have crossed paths with over 45 talented individuals as part of our internal Indigo team.

We remain committed as ever to our desire for authentic partnerships. Whether it be research and evaluation or racial equity consultation, we use a collaborative model and working style that emphasizes the inclusion of diverse perspectives in the planning, implementation, and dissemination process. We recognize the strengths that all our partners bring, and we build on those assets. What we know for sure is that when we work in this way, we learn and grow too.

In addition to seeking and remaining committed to authentic partnerships, we are also setting our intentions on manifesting inspired and creative partnerships. As we move forward into the next phase of our organizational development, we have our eyes set on attracting partners that stretch us beyond the traditional scope of early childhood and into the unchartered waters of ‘design thinking.’ Stay tuned as we promote new partnerships with the Museum of Walking, ASU’s Center on Mindfulness, and more!

Looking forward, I know that this next year and the next decade of Indigo’s growth will bring inspired opportunities for making more of a direct impact by working with partners who are also focused on social justice and creating loving, supportive communities.

See our full Annual Report here.